5 Steps To a Perfect Burger

1. Prepare the workspace

step 1 - prep beef and pan

Preheat your pan on medium-high and cut ground beef in to 1/4 to 1/3 lb golf ball sized chunks. Leave them loose for extra crust!

*PRO TIP: Fat = crisp! 80/20 ground chuck or a blend with brisket and short rib works best

2. Get smashing

Step 2 - Smash beef

Drop the meat in the pan, squash and hold for 5 seconds. Don't be shy, really smash it!

*PRO TIP: Make them thin, then stack them up

3. Flip and cheese

Step 3 - Flip burger and add cheese

Watch the edges – once they start to brown through and it’s bubbling up, you’re in the perfect burger zone and ready to flip. Kinda sorta like a pancake. 

*PRO TIP: If the burger is stuck to the pan then it's not ready to flip. Wait for the crust to fully form and then it'll release on its own.

4. Ready the bun

Step 4 - Toast those buns

Grill the buns in the fat from the burger you just squashed until golden brown. This adds toasty flavor and an extra level of crunch – but be careful, buns cook quickly!

*PRO TIP: Slather the bun with mayonnaise, it spreads more evenly than butter

5. Assemble your smashed burger creation and dig in

Step 5 - Assemble burger and dig in

Condiments – we’ll leave that up to you...

*PRO TIP: Put lettuce down first, this keeps the bun dry and crunchy