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"Mammoth" Smash Burger Press!



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Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a Delicious Taco Smashburger Recipe!

Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a Delicious Taco Smashburger Recipe!

Cinco de Mayo is the perfect time to get together with your family and friends and celebrate with a delicious taco smashburger recipe.   

Guga Foods' Special Sauce Recipe For The Ultimate Smash Burger!

Guga Foods' Special Sauce Recipe For The Ultimate Smash Burger!

Are you looking to add a little extra zing to your burger recipe? Look no further! With this simple recipe, you can make your own special sauce topping that will take your burger to the next leve...

Here’s to a job well-done.

Good food. Good mood.

Hannah W.

Makes the perfect burger

My husband loves it. It makes a perfectly shaped burger, uniform and big enough to actually fit the jumbo hamburger buns. They can be about a half pound burger patties if you want them to be the size of the iron circle. Highly recommend!!

Ted B.

Family loves the new smash burgers I make with this.

I used to grill out 1/4 lb. burgers for the family. I thought I would mix things up and try some smash burgers. I tried it with a big spatula, but the was flimsy. I decided to give this a try and it works great. I originally was going to get a cast iron press, but wanted one with a flat bottom, so I came across this one. This works great in smashing up the burgers. It seems strong and well made and it's easy to clean up.


Solid smasher

Great for smash burgers or smashing anything else!

Bob J.

The burgers stick

The burgers stick, I’m not sure if this would have happened if it were cast iron. I’m able to work with the burgers sticking and am able to work around. Super easy to clean. I bought because it’s easier to clean stainless than cast iron

Free American Spirit

Works great!

The only thing I would say is if you want it to work even better than it already does, get some of those round parchment paper discs.
That way the raw burger won't stick to it when ya first dress them down.


Well made, sturdy, and works exactly as intended

This is a simple, sturdy, well made kitchen tool that does it's job perfectly. It's great for smash burgers or pressing other food down in the grill or pan to get a better sear. I don't find any need for wax paper or anything else. Just press and go.
I was using a heavy BBQ spatula prior to buying this and it worked fine, but this is much better. Well worth the few dollars it cost.

Mathew H.

Let's get those onion smashburgers cooking!

I didn't want cast iron because I didn't want the hassle of dealing with rust issues. Making smashburgers isn't rocket science. I just needed a tool that would smash burger patties down to the right thickness for my cooking needs. I read the customer reviews about the design flaw about the wooden handle being held in by one screw, which allowed the burger iron to roll unexpectedly. Well, they fixed that. There are TWO screws on each side now and the handle works great! Problem solved.To review: two screws on each side of the handle hold the handle in place. The item is easy to clean. It makes great smashburgers. I would recommend it to anyone!


Easy to use and sturdy

I use this for pressing meat in my skillet. I cook hamburgers, bacon, sausage, pretty much anything that needs to be pressed. It does a fine job but the handle has strips of wood splintering off of it like it should be sanded. Other than that it works great, and helps the food cook faster. Cleaning it requires me to use barkeeps friend for the stainless. I'm used to doing it but someone new would think this is a nightmare to clean. I like it and it does the job!